Artra Condo Pricing at Redhill MRT Station

In Singapore, a tender for a new housing site that is situated near Redhill MRT has made history by receiving 10 bids, which indicates a healthy demand from the top developers. At the same time, Tang Skyline has made the top bid of close to S$376.9 million according to the reports by Urban Redevelopment Authority as per Nov 12. This is a massive improvement given that this would be one of the best structures that would be put up in the city.

Artra Redhill Condo Pricing

This 99-year leasehold site located at Alexandra View would sits on a massive area of 90,400 square feet with a plot ratio of about 4.9. In terms of total gross floor area, it will work out to close to 442,967 square feet, that makes about 5 per cent used for commercial space that is allowed on the given development storey. According to reports, the site has a potential of developing about 450 homes making it an amazing investment opportunity for the residents of eh city. Please see more information about Artra price here.

Artra Price psf Redhill MRT Station

The bid works out of Tang Skyline was about S$850.81 per square feet per a plot ratio, which narrowly beating its S$842.28 of psfppr 2nd-best bid from the Singland Homes as well as UOL Venture Investments. The bids showed how serious the company was especially during the estimation process according to the given reports. More information about Artra Pricing can be found at the showflat.

The executive director at property firm SLP International, Mr. Nicholas Mak, who deals with research and consultancy said the given provisional tender results had indicated “a super healthy demand from the developers that has shown how the location of the property will be viable for them during the process. The project is adjacent right to Redhill MRT station thus making it one of the best places for those who need engage in such investment opportunities”, he concluded.

Artra Condo Redhill Tang Group

The chief executive of the property firm Century 21, Mr. Ku Swee Yong, said that the bidding process was down right to the wire showing a good sign especially for the market with the existing current weak environment of property development. According to the reports, the price was very attractive especially for the winner. The company will be given the tender will be able to make more profits especially when operating in the given market.

In addition, by looking at many other properties situated in the area like the Highpark Residences situated next to North Park Residences and Thanggam LRT Station linked to the Yishun MRT, the project will sell well according to Mr. Ku Swee Yong when releasing the feasibility study of the bidding process.

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