Amber 45 Freehold Condo by UOL Development

Amber 45 is a completely new housing project with 190 projected units of a freehold estate. Located in the Marine Parade residential area, Amber 45 Freehold Condo offers the benefits and ease of access to all services and conveniences. Its proximity to East Coast Park offers ideal access to outdoor entertainment.

Additionally, the Katong Shopping Center which is located just around the corner north of Amber 45, will take care of all of your convenience needs. Parkway East Hospital is also located just northeast of the complex.

New Freehold Development at Amber 45

The complex shall stretch across a plot of almost 70.000 square feet in one of the most attractive areas of Marine Parade. Amber 45’s freehold estate policy makes it additionally attractive to prospective buyers as you immediately become the owner of your own space. The project’s floor area is estimated at almost 148.000 square feet.

Amber 45 UOL Development offers 2 apartment options with North/South Facing. The condos can either face East Coast Road, which offers a magnificent view of the city to the north, or Marine Road to the south – letting you enjoy the unparalleled beauty of Singapore’s southern seashores. Due to the nature of the surrounding area, the general rule of thumbs that condos on and above 6th floor, have unobstructed views.

UOL Development New Condo Amber Road

Additionally, the condos are offered as 1, 2 or 3 bedroom housing units to accommodate buyers’ diverse needs. The complex also offers diverse utilities for its residents such as guardroom, a clubhouse, a fully functional 50m swimming poor, barbecue pits, a children’s playground as well as a tennis court. The facilities provided in the complex offer a private space for full family gatherings and entertainment.

In Amber 45 Tanjong Katong vicinity, there are a number of high-profile, high-quality schools and education institutions. WhizKidz preschool center, Twinkle Stars Montessori and Marine Parade Kindergarten are just some of the great preschool centers for children. The Canadian International School is one of the best institutions which offer a complete program for preschool to grade 12.

Amber 45 Condo

The Tanjong Katong Primary School minutes away from the complex with one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. The school also takes special care in the physical development of children and offers a plethora of sports activities. Katong 112 mall is one of the largest malls in the city and offers a vast array of shops, bistros, and services. It’s also one of the cultural centers where many young men like to spend their leisure time.