Tengah EC Located at Tengah Garden Walk Near to Jurong

Tengah EC Located at Tengah Garden Walk Near to Jurong

Tengah EC is an upcoming executive condominium set to be launched by Tengah Limited in Singapore’s master plan competition arena. Tengah EC which stands for East Coast Park, is being touted by its developer as the Singapore’s premier master plan community. Tengah is also offering a chance to live in a luxury condominium in this prestigious locality.

Tengah EC or The Executive condominiums are located in the heart of Tengah Garden Walk and is conveniently located next to the popular night spots such as Jalan Bukit Timah and Jomtien Sita. Located on the second floor, this multi-storey property offers residents an unrivaled view of Singapore’s cityscape and business districts with a panoramic skyline. The property is fully furnished with fitted kitchens, marble flooring, fitted bathroom, fully equipped fitness centre and pool. The interior of Tengah EC comes with top-notch appliances, furniture and other modern day furnishings.

The developers of Tengah EC have made provisions for special open air courtyard with scenic garden. Tengah East Coast Park will act as a future wrong region line extension with two high rise tower blocks and a retail entertainment complex. These tower blocks have been built with skylights, glass roof panels and other innovative features that offer a ‘floating’ feel to the retail space. Each of these retail spaces will have a ground floor fully facilitated with a skyline. This gives a premium feel and sightseeing opportunities.

Westgate Shopping Centre is an upcoming shopping centre in the trendy Singapore’s middle market area. It is one of the finest malls in the country and is situated on the edge of the popular day-to-day hangouts like Jalan Bukit Timah and the Walkley’s Walk. The mall offers a wide variety of consumer products such as clothes, cosmetics, food, accessories, toys and electronic gadgets. As the mall is also home to a popular The West Mall and The Night Market, it has become quite popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

Buxton Wholesale Centre is located right at the heart of Tengah EC. This popular centre is known for its vast collection of clothes that are suitable for both men and women. Some of the famous brands of clothes sold at Buxton Wholesale include D&G, Prada, Guess, Abercrombie and Fitch, Marks and Spencer and many more. The centre is also home to some of the finest restaurants in town including Temptations, Tung Ting Coffee House, Jade Buddha and Grill and Tung Ting Food Mart. Tourists visiting the town will find great nightlife and dining options at this shopping mall.
Tengah East Coast Road is another car-free town centre within Tengah EC. Upon completion of the MRT three-kilometre walk from the City Hall and purchases of petrol and public transports like the SMRT and buses will be completely free. The residents here will be delighted to discover that Tengah East Coast is not as posh as it looks from afar. With affordable prices and a vibrant night-life, residents here can truly call the place ‘fiery’ and ‘kick-back’.

Located just below the scenic green mountains of Choa Chiang Road, the village of Jurong is renowned for its scenic beauty and the ideal spot for a break in Tengah East Coast Road. It has a lot of small restaurants serving cuisines from around Singapore. It also has many parks and recreational spots for residents and tourists to enjoy. Most tourists to Tengah opt for the Jurong Night Market, which has a wide array of food, clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs available on every corner.

Tengah, unlike most of the other districts in terms of proximity to Singapore’s urban centre, is much quieter. It has a relaxed and friendlier feel to it. There is also a wide selection of authentic Chinese restaurants to choose from. Locals and expats alike are very welcoming and hospitable, and are happy to share their knowledge and experience of local markets and cuisines with visitors and tourists to Tengah, especially those who are travelling on a budget.