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Management Development Institute of Singapore has received several awards, In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, they have been awarded the EduTrust Certificate for meeting and exceeding business excellence standards and providing an exemplary education curriculum to the university’s students. The campus of the university, MDIS Reseidences@Stirling, has also been awarded the Green Mark Gold Award.

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The core values of MDIS are lifelong learning, excellence, ability-driven, responsibility, and nurture for Queens Peak Dundee. This university strives to providelifelong learning that maximizes each student’s potential. Accredited courses are offered along with corporate training and career assistance. The corporate training program provides seminars, training, and programs for professionals to meet and exceed business needs. The career assistance program was developed to help students gain the skills they need in order to quickly obtain jobs in their chosen career path. There are internship opportunities available to give them some experience in those fields as well for Dundee Road Queens Peak.

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Management Development Institute of Singapore campus offers the perfect balance of classes, work, and fun. Some course programs offers include fashion design, business and management, engineering and more. The campus consists of seventy lecture rooms, six lecture theaters, five computer labs, four science labs, four engineering labs and a psychology lab. There is also a library, auditorium, hospitality training center, fashion studio, tv studio and radio studio. It is near to Queensway Shopping Centre, Valley Point Shopping Centre and Queenstown Primary School. There is a student communal space, dance studio, cafe, book shop, food court, and gym available for student use.

Management Development Institute of Singapore is a not-for-profit institute that offers an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to start a career in several different industries. They also offer training and courses if you just need to brush up on career skills needed to further your career.