Midwood Condo Located at Hillview Close to the Nature by Hong Leong Holdings

where inspiration meets peace and calmness, ‘Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.’

Where inspiration meets peace and calmness

A vast sea of green in the midst, unique views and calmness – these amazingĀ  conditions allow you to relax comfortably at Midwood, a place where unique scene gently unfolds in front of you. The district is well known for its granite exteriors, made by rare stone pits. The main attraction of this place are the colours of nature and astounding parks.

Your mind is amazed by the towers or pool vistas and its detailed facade makes your creativity infinite.

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview by Hong Leong

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview by Hong Leong

Ideally situated, in harmony with your world

The perfect place to explore anything you would want is Midwood, including variety of nature parks that fill the area with attractiveness. At HillV2 Mall and across the street, at the Hillview Community Club you can discover new, exciting and different lifestyle that will help you to discover your true self as well. This place is a center of the road and public transport networks, with the Hillview MRT Station close to home, and the BKE and PIE within minutes by car. This fact greatly simplifies life. Midwood is famous for its prestigious schools as well as first-rate medical care at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital without complicated procedures. Also nearby are Holland Village, Orchard Road, Sheraton Way, and the burgeoning Jurong Lake District. Given the project

so much nature, so close to home

Two nature enclaves make Midwood more overwhelmingly impressive. Therefore, a hike or leisure walk requires no more than an impulsive decision.

A short drive will take you to Bukit Batok Town Park, also known as Little Guilin. Because of its amazing landscape, it is favourite place for nature lovers and inspiration for photographers. As for outdoor exercise, Bukit Batok Nature Park offers restful and calming environment. All the residents are astonished by 63 hectares of land which Dairy Farm Nature Park has. At its south-western there is an attractive wetland natural territory that was once the Singapore Quarry. To this area, former granite stone pits are really common. This part is the inspiration of Midwood’s exteriors.

Flourish where green living thrives

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a place distinguished by the highest natural point and by the largest rainforest on the island. Hence, the ecological system is diverse. For this amazing and incredible reason, it is a great place for exploration in the wild. Attached at each end by the Hillview and King Albert Park Downtown Line MRT stations, the Central section of the 24km railway will appear again as three distinct discovery themed parks: Heritage and Culture, Biodiversity and Greenery, and Recreation.

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview by Hong Leong

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview by Hong Leong

In conclusion, your home at Midwood will be an admirable place.

Feast on a host of lifestyle pleasures

A large amount of lineup of shop-and-dine options make your neighbourhood more desirable and privileged. Some of them offer regional cuisines, including desserts and even spirits. You’ll also find a supermarket as well as beauty salon and the place for medical, dental and pet care.

The Rail Mall is an excellent choice when you want a comfort. This charming destination provides local cuisines and everyday delicates. When it comes to international and local schools, parents will have a huge selection – CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, St. Francis Methodist School, German European School Singapore and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, to name a few – all accessible within minutes’ drive.

This is how you make an entrance

The arrival platform has luxurious materials and design details enveloping the open space. High-ceilinged sheltered hallways in the entrance, which look gorgeous, will greet any individual.

A reflection of fabulous moments

Imagine relax in the clear waters of the 50-metre rooftop infinity pool… This is what Midwood gives you. Endless panorama is perfect for quiet thinking and meditation. Besides, you can relax on the first floor leisure pool.

Indulgences cascade before your eyes

In case you want to have fun, you needn’t have to leave Midwood – tennis court, outdoor fitness, well-equipped indoor gym – these are some of the great conditions that Midwood offers you. Each of these fills you with energy and amazing mood.

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview by Hong Leong

Midwood Condo Located at Hillview by Hong Leong

Refined living at every turn

Unique panoramic views impress you and makes you want to explore more. You can enjoy your moments at any of the BBQ pits, and at the clubhouse so close to the leisure pool…

To arrange a cosy evening or a noisy party, all types of events have been carefully considered.

A carefree life for all

As you can’t leave the little ones anywhere, let them have fun in their very own kids’ pool, or give them some time to have fun with mini adventures at the park. It should be pointed out that for those times when it is needed, there’s a childcare centre.

The uplifting feeling of space

A harmonious combination of lightness and space makes you feel cosy and pleasant. The spacious balcony offers exterior views and stunning natural light, which especially affects the mood of the people.

A taste for elegance

Midwood is a peek of elegant living. It is perfectly functional by its modern, the latest new technologies, which make life as simple as possible. By transforming a study room into a guest room, you have more usable space than you might think. Midwood putsĀ  your personal demands first.


A heaven apart

At last, but not least, your interior makes you feel comfortable with its calmness. This might cause a unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning. As for the overal design, which is the main part of the place, is accented with observed details, including a wardrobe that comes with smart storage – cleverly hidden shelves at varying sizes and carefully placed hooks.

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