TOP Date Condo Price for Forestwoods City Developments Limited

Forest Woods is yet another up and coming housing development that is under way on Singapore. It is a real estate project to build executive condos. The project will result in roughly 500 condos being constructed and then sold at the Forest Woods land parcel. The planning and the actual building of these luxury condos is being over seen by City Development Limited (or CDL). They are the company, which had their bid for the land parcel accepted by the URA and therefore hold the lease for a grand total of 99 years.

Forest Woods Showroom at Serangoon MRT

The Forest Woods Condo Price is indicative at the moment and the showroom site is found within District 19 of the island, in the area close to the Serangoon Road. Actually this district has a high demand for both commercial and residential properties, as it is one of the most important parts of the country, especially outside the city centre. People have decided to live in this area of the country as it is close to Singapore City yet the price for property is not as high. That has always been one of the main attractions for buying or renting any property, which happens to on, or indeed just off the Serangoon Road. When the Serangoon MRT Station opened a few years ago it made the district even more closely connected to the capital city itself. It has been widely estimated that it only takes around three minutes for the average person to walk from the condos to the station. There are even buses for those potential condo buyers to use if they did not want to walk that short distance.

Indicative Pricing for Forestwood Condo

Not only will the condos at Forestwoods condo will a short walk or bus journey away from the station that will also hold true about some of the most popular shopping destinations. For instance, the people who eventually move in will only be a stone’s throw away from the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre as well as the Heartland Mall. People who have a passion for shopping could thus want to move to the complex in order to quickly go and come back from the nearby malls. The soon to be improved NEX Shopping Mall will certainly make the condos more appealing too.

TOP Date for Forestwoods

There are attractions for people to move in that do not involve shopping at all. The newcomers who like sport could always head out to Serangoon Stadium to watch different sports events. There are also cinemas and gyms in the district. The new residents could also get involved with the schools that their children will go to, and any activities those schools do. In many respects CDL have geared the development at Forest Woods Condo towards families with young children instead of couples whose children have already grown up and then left home. Forestwoods Condo floor and site plans are going to be released soon. To reflect that emphasis there is a higher number of three and four bedroom units when compared to similar projects. There are some great colleges and schools in the district, and moving to the condos would place their children into the right catchment area. For instance, the Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School.

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