Parc Life EC Sembawang Frasers Centrepoint

The Parc Life EC group has a number of luxury developments in Singapore. This development group has been responsible for a number of structures including spas, shopping centers, residential living quarters, and even the renovation of the Sun Plaza.

Parc Life EC Sun Plaza

Parc Life has been around for a number of years for Parc Life EC. This company has many projects that have been completed and some that are still in development. The Sembawang Executive Condos are set to open to the public and will be ready for people to move in as soon as 2019. There will be 600 different luxury units and it is located near rail ways as well as shopping centers. This is the ideal location for a person to get to work and places of entertainment.

Parc Life Fraser Centrepoint Sembawang

This group is responsible for the new renovations that were done to Sun Plaza. This plaza was designed to allow more retail store to open up and give them a modern look. There are a number of stores and restaurants for a person to visit. This centre even has a Kopitiā€™am which is located within the building for Parc Life Sembawang. There are a number of condos for locals to live in. These condos have some luxurious features such as a pool for the residents, an indoor gym, and even an outdoor fitness center.

Parc Life Sembawang MRT

These are just some of the great developments that were due to the Parc Life group. Their condos include features like no others such as a rooftop garden and spectacular view. There are developments all over Singapore that are operated by the Parc Life group. This group has developed a number of top of the line condos and shopping centers. They still have projects that are set to open in the upcoming years and they will be setting the standards for the rest of the developers in Singapore.

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